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Radical Transparency: The Challenge to Sustainability and Democracy

The TakeAway: Reams of information released by WikiLeaks and the Federal Reserve challenge us to rethink our duties to promote sustainable accountability and representative democracy. Debates on the recent WikiLeaks / Federal Reserve data dumps concentrate on the supply side … Continue reading

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We the People, or Corporate Lobbyists: Whose Interests Will the SEC Serve?

Part One of Two Parts The TakeAway: SEC Opens  Door Further to Public Engagement as Ex-Regulator Lobbyists Rush In Two developments late yesterday demonstrate the high stakes involved when it comes to money and power, and vividly illustrate the imbalance … Continue reading

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We’ve Only Just Begun: Why Today’s SEC Open Meeting Matters

Part One of a Two-Part Post This morning, the SEC held an open meeting to issue what’s called a “concept release”, the Commission’s mechanism for considering rule revisions by floating a first draft of policy open to public comment for … Continue reading

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Free and Fair Elections?

Corporate governance in the United States operates much like the old days of corrupt municipalities: James Michael Curley’s Boston, Richard J. Daley’s Chicago, or George Washington Plunkitt of New York City’s Tammany Hall.  Patronage and abuse of power rule the … Continue reading

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