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Back to School, Back to the Land

The TakeAway: School-based farming is blooming, a fresh alternative to Big Agra and mounting public health risks that is rooted in our Land Grant tradition of education. This summer’s recall of more than half billion eggs, on top of last … Continue reading

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Back to School: Workforce Education for The Clean Energy Economy

The TakeAway: Clean energy economy will be built not just with bricks, but brains. It’s back-to-school time, this day after Labor Day, when education and jobs intersect on the calendar.  On the jobs front, President Obama yesterday announced a $50 … Continue reading

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Fighting the Fury: Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and the Business Response

The TakeAway: Companies and investors need to deal with natural disaster mitigation, resilience, and rebuilding efforts. Five years ago this Sunday, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, where the wounds remain raw.  Two years ago, Cyclone Nargis in Burma … Continue reading

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Make Money by … Saving the World: The Biosphere Economy

The TakeAway: We can flip the equation of economic growth through environmental damage, to global prosperity through ecological healing. Evidence of human assault on our fragile biosphere abounds this year: Pakistani floods and Russian drought and wildfire (all related to … Continue reading

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