Our Mission

The Murninghan Post is a gathering place for sharing information, ideas, deliberation, and strategic action for reforming our corporate structures and capital markets.  The aim is bold but clear: to provide you with tools and knowledge that will assist in the transition to a prosperous, sustainable, and just world, in keeping with human and ecological well-being.  By subscribing, you’ll be smarter and more effective as a change-agent.  More importantly, you’ll help us be smarter and effective as a change-agent, too.

A primary feature of MurnPost involves regular posts that distill, analyze, and aggregate the most salient developments on corporate and investor accountability issues, within the overlapping environmental, social, and governance (ESG) domains.  We track the following areas:

  • Trends in corporate and investor reporting;
  • Web 2.0 and stakeholder engagement;
  • Corporate and investor governance and stewardship;
  • Sustainability ratings;
  • Innovations in climate policy and finance;
  • Notable people who are working in these realms; and
  • Hot topics and horizon issues that warrant our attention.

In addition, we will be introducing mechanisms for collaborative education and engagement on topics relevant to the larger mission of sustainable prosperity and justice.  Because the topics we cover have profound public significance, our strategic goal is to demystify and inspire in ways that are constructive and inclusive.

In the near future, we will be hosting special projects on topics related to sustainable prosperity and justice that enable purposeful action from users and readers.

The idea for The Murninghan Post was conceived by Bob Massie, a current candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, and developed with Bill Baue, a longtime practitioner in the CSR ecosystem.  It ws supported by Ariane Van Buren, an expert in sustainability and stakeholder engagement, and Sonia Hamel, a leader in climate and clean energy policy.  They wanted to honor Marcy Murninghan’s deep experience and unique ability to spot trends, track multiple strains of interrelated developments, and synthesize diverse ideas.

4 Responses to Our Mission

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  2. Appreciate your site and the work you’ve set out to do. Was wondering if it is possible to follow you on social media. Couldn’t find links to the usual twitter/ facebook/ linkedin pages that you no doubt maintain either as Murninghan Post or as individuals.

  3. Corporate Responsibility is at the core of the work I do to raise funds for 34 non-profit social justice community organizations. Our primary income for these groups comes from workplace, employee pay-check deductions. The employee can designate a particular group or CW where the funds are distributed equally to all members. It doesn’t cost the employer anything, gives the company a positive connection to the community, and most important it provides the employee the option to give a little every time they get paid…. a real win-win. process. Marcy, thank you for your work!

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