Bill Baue

Co-Founder and Ad Hoc Editor

Bill Baue has advanced sustainability through communication for more than a decade. He’s currently consulting with Addison as Interactive CSR Media Strategist for the GE Citizenship Website and Report, and teaching communications in the Marlboro MBA in Managing for Sustainability in Vermont. Recently, he worked with Bob Massie managing The Transition Group, and edited its blog, The Murninghan Post.

Bill co-founded Sea Change Media and served as its executive director, as well as executive producer/host of Sea Change Radio, a nationally syndicated show and podcast with a global audience.  As a Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, he co-wrote The Accountability Web, a report on the intersection of Web 2.0 and corporate accountability that is being republished in two parts in The Journal of Corporate Citizenship.  He’s presented the findings for the Global Reporting Initiative, Ceres, Issue Management Council, and Addison.

Bill has produced and presented multimedia content for organizations across the sustainability ecosystem: United Nations, Worldwatch Institute, Ceres, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, Investor Environmental Health Network, The Economist, Audubon and Audubon Magazine, SocialFunds, CSRwire, 3BL Media, and Wal-Mart’s inaugural Sustainability Report.

Bill lives in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts with his wife Jiyanna and daughters Clara, Emma, and Aoife.

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